1. J-Fall 2015

    Quobell Java

    5 november jl. was het weer tijd voor J-Fall, het Java evenement van Nederland. Bij het inschrijven voor JFall kon je kiezen uit 42 presentatiesessies die door 54 nationale en internationale sprekers werden verzorgd. Onder de sprekers bevonden zich namen als Arun Gupta, Ray Tsang (Google) en Bert Ertman.

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  2. Error handling with PL/SQL

    Quobell software

    What went wrong? Where did it go wrong, and why? These are the questions that first rise in mind when an error occurs. Error handling is the part of the programming that must deal with this. And although it cannot answer these questions directly, it can gather the information that will help in providing an answer.

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  3. OGh Oracle APEX World 2015

    SS Rotterdam APEX World 2015

    Insystems with several developers present at the OGh Oracle APEX World 2015, an interesting event entirely focussed on Oracle Application Express (APEX), with lots of information about APEX 5 and APEX related software. The location, on board the ss Rotterdam, was great.

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  4. Integrating Embedded R Execution with ADF

    Quobell Oracle R

    R is gaining popularity at a rapid pace, within several domains, including that of Big Data. Oracle has also recognized this development and defined a strategy for supporting open-source R, resulting in new interesting technologies, such as Oracle R Enterprise (ORE, part of the Advanced Analytics option in Oracle DB 12c en 11g) and ROracle, an open-source Oracle database interface for R.

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