1. Integrating Embedded R Execution with ADF

    Quobell Oracle R

    R is gaining popularity at a rapid pace, within several domains, including that of Big Data. Oracle has also recognized this development and defined a strategy for supporting open-source R, resulting in new interesting technologies, such as Oracle R Enterprise (ORE, part of the Advanced Analytics option in Oracle DB 12c en 11g) and ROracle, an open-source Oracle database interface for R.

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  2. Font Awesome buttons in APEX 4.2

    Quobell buttons

    How to create Font Awesome buttons in Apex. There is a nice blog from Dick Dral descibing how you can create links with a Font Awesome image. The same technique can be applied in Apex to create buttons. Because it’s Apex, the steps involved are somewhat different. This blog post describes how to create a couple of templates in APEX that will allow you to add a button with a Font Awesome image declaratively.

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  3. OGh Oracle APEX World 2013

    OGh APEX World

    Op 9 april 2013 organiseerde de OGh de APEX World dag, evenals voorgaande jaren gehouden in hotel Figi in Zeist. Insystems heeft Application Express onderkend als een van haar speerpunten en was daarom op deze interessante dag ruim vertegenwoordigd met meerdere medewerkers.

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