MongoDB samen met OutSystems

Onderstaand vind je de inleiding van een uitgebreide blog over het gebruik van een gratis versie van MongoDB samen met OutSystems. In de blog beschrijf ik eerst hoe je een gratis versie van MongoDB kan aanvragen en configureren. Vervolgens laat ik zien hoe je de MongoDB demo-applicatie uit de OutSystems Forge met de gratis aangevraagde MongoDB kunt gebruiken.

Use a (FREE) MongoDB with OutSystems

Last week I got a question from a client if OutSystems could be used with a NoSQL database. “Sure!” I replied, “Cassandra, Mongo, …”. I have used OutSystems with Cassandra, but never with MongoDB. For me that was the trigger to find some references. I found an article about MongoDB by Rui Barbosa.MongoDB with OutSystems He created a demo application and an extension. Great work!

This article is aimed at getting this OutSystems demo application working with a free MongoDB cluster in the cloud. I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons between MongoDB and other NoSQL databases. Specific use cases of NoSQL databases is not something you’re gonna find out here. There are lots of articles out there on the web that can tell you all about these subjects. Also, I assume you know your way around in OutSystems and know less about MongoDB. Therefore there is a fair bit of steps to get and install MongoDB and less focus on OutSystems.

“I was curious if I could get my hands on a FREE MongoDB in some cloud somewhere… and I could!”

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