1. Devoxx 2018: Java JDK – “Adapt or die”

    inSystems future

    Marc Reinhold, Oracle’s chief architect van de Java Platform Group, was op Devoxx keynote speaker en ging in op de laatste grote veranderingen in de Java JDK. Later op de dag presenteerde hij meer gedetailleerd de nabije toekomst van Java.

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  2. Integrating Embedded R Execution with ADF

    Quobell Oracle R

    R is gaining popularity at a rapid pace, within several domains, including that of Big Data. Oracle has also recognized this development and defined a strategy for supporting open-source R, resulting in new interesting technologies, such as Oracle R Enterprise (ORE, part of the Advanced Analytics option in Oracle DB 12c en 11g) and ROracle, an open-source Oracle database interface for R.

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